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Some files not fetched by debmirror

Hi list,

I'm trying to fetch the wheezy mirror using debmirror.
However, some files are ignored by debmirror. For instance,
wheezy-updates' main binary-installer for i386 has a Packages.gz [1]
file that seems an empty (20 bytes) . debmirror ignores it.
When running debmirror to only fetch that debian-installer [2] i get
following error:

Failed to download any Packages files!

Maybe there is another flag i should add, or am I missing something?
The version of debmirror: 1:2.16~deb7u1  but I had the same problem on a
fresh debian9 install.

Any help is appreciated



[2] debmirror --debug --verbose --progress --slow-cpu --method=http
--host=ftp.debian.org --arch="i386" --source --dist=wheezy-updates
--section=main/debian-installer --root=debian
--keyring=/path/to/keyring.gpg /path/to/local/debian-mirror/