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Re: pasting license text into debian/copyright

On Thu, 28 Sep 2017 08:41:38 +0200, Dominique Dumont wrote:

> On Thursday, 21 September 2017 16:11:52 CEST Andreas Tille wrote:
> > May be if cme would have the same effect as wrap-and-sort there is at
> > least no disagreement between the users of both tools any more (leaving
> > those who are not happy with either of them :-P ).
> Unfortunately, wrap-and-sort has its own way of sorting: special entries (i.e. 
> that do not begin with letters) are sorted after "normal" entries. So 
> dependencies like "${misc:Depends}" are sorted after package dependencies. 
> Usually, sort algorithms do the reverse. May be wrap-and-sort should be called 
> wrap-and-sort-ish :-p

Ack, and I have to admit that I find this a bit annoying.
> I don't really mind this weird order except emulating this requires adding yet 
> another special case (aka wart) to the way dpkg is handled in cme.

I'd rather see wrap-and-sort adjust to cme in this case.
(Or wrap-and-sort being replaced by a wrapper which just uses cme.)


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