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Re: ftp master uploads disappearing?


Norbert Preining writes:
>> I now use dupload which does not have that kind of issues.
> Indeed, dupload worked right ahead. Thanks.

dput should also allow uploads via rsync-over-ssh (or scp or sftp) which
also allows resuming uploads.  The default dput.cf doesn't include it,
but I have

| [rsync]
| method             = rsync
| fqdn               = ssh.upload.debian.org
| incoming           = /srv/upload.debian.org/UploadQueue/
| allow_dcut         = 1

in my ~/.dput.cf.

There is also ssh.security.upload.debian.org for security uploads via
SSH, but dput doesn't handle that quite correct yet (it explicitly makes
uploads world-readable which shouldn't happen for security uploads).