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Bug#876681: RFH: rst2pdf -- ReportLab-based reStructuredText to PDF renderer

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

I request assistance with maintaining the rst2pdf package.

The package description is:
 The usual way of creating PDF files from reStructuredText is by going through
 LaTeX. This tool provides an alternative by producing PDF directly using the
 ReportLab library.

rst2pdf currently only supports python2 (#826908); there was an effort
from upstream to resume developement and an issue to track supporting
python3, but apparently they have stopped again in 2016.

Since sooner or later python2 will be dropped from Debian, rst2pdf will
have to follow, unless somebody cares about it enought to solve the

I believe that rst2pdf is currently being used as a build-dependency by
the following packages, whose maintainers I'm cc-ing:

* apcupsd
* davical
* pdal

Right now, I'm not really using this package, so in case there is a need
for an upstream fork I'm not the right person do do it, but if upstream
resumes working or there is a new upstream I would be glad to continue
maintaining the package.