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Re: Requirements for simple ncurses/console applications for entering Debian?


On 24.09.2017 17:47, spartrekus spartrekus wrote:

> Which requirement list should be carefully observed in order to enter
> the debian stage processing for new applications.

There is the Debian Policy that describes how packages *must* behave,
and a number of guidelines on how to achieve this efficiently.

> Noteworthy, since I am author, I can package and maintain these apps. 

It's not uncommon to still have a separate package maintainer even if
the author uses a particular distribution, because package maintenance
is a lot different from software development. And even for those
packages where the original author also maintains the package, it is
strongly recommended to keep the packaging workflow separate from the
program development.

Creating good packages is a skill that cannot be learned overnight, so
I'd suggest you file an RFP (Request For Package) bug, as described in
the Debian Wiki[1], and add a note that you would like to be included in
the packaging effort.


[1] https://wiki.debian.org/RFP

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