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Re: New httpd-fastcgi virtual package

On Tue, 19 Sep 2017 16:47:33 +0200
Xavier <x.guimard@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi all,
> The authoritative list of virtual package provides:
>  httpd                   a HTTP server
>  httpd-cgi               a CGI-capable HTTP server
>  httpd-wsgi              a WSGI-capable HTTP server (python 2 API)
>  httpd-wsgi3             a WSGI-capable HTTP server (python 3 API)
> I would like to propose this:
>  httpd-fastcgi           a FastCGI-capable HTTP server (or server
>                          plugin)

As much as it rubs me the wrong way, I don't see many reasons to avoid creating
this. In fact, the only reason I have is that it could encourage people to
think fcgi is okay to use.

This virtual package could probably be satisfied by libapache2-mod-fcgid,
fcgiwrap, or spawn-fcgi. I believe fcgiwrap has some systemd magic-sauce that
would, in theory, provide a relatively simple way for apps to listen on a
well-known unix-socket path (similar to the way uwsgi works).

Personally, I always recommend uwsgi over any of the avaialable cgi/fastcgi
servers, such as php-fpm, ruby-fcgi, python-fcgi, etc. When you have uwsgi
available, and it's capable of handling all those languages, including legacy
raw-cgi apps, it seems kinda silly to use anything else. ;)

(even mailman runs great behind it..)

Michael Lustfield