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Re: Help with install of debian stretch

>I'm a newbie at Debian Linux and trying mybest but when I'm
>installing Debian-9.1.0-i386-netinst, I get to a screenthat's asking
>me to insert the disc labeled: 'Debian GNU/Linux 9.1.0
>_Stretch_-official i386 NETINST 20170722-12:43" in the
>'/media/cdrom/" andpress [Enter] I've looked everywhere and I can't
>find this iso todownload and burn to a disc. Please point me in the
>right direction.

Hi Bill,

You'd be better off asking for support on the debian-user list in
future (in CC).

I'm curious how you've managed to get to that message - if you're
installing from debian-9.1.0-i386-netinst, that's exactly the disc the
system is asking for. How have you done your installation, please?

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