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Re: How to start a new packaging team now?

On Mon, Sep 18, 2017 at 12:00 PM, Jonathan Carter (highvoltage)
<jcc@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Great! I've also thinking about started a team for all the gnome-shell
> extensions we have in Debian. The Debian Qt/KDE team has a complementary
> Debian KDE Extras team (see https://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/ for more
> information), I wonder if it might be worth while considering having a
> GNOME Extras team for all the GNOME related stuff that isn't part of
> upstream GNOME?

I think there are at least 2 kinds of "extras":
1. Stuff that's currently being developed but isn't part of the core desktop
2. Deprecated and/or unmaintained stuff like the reverse-depends of
src:libgnome which the Debian GNOME team would like to remove from
Debian, but it's a bit hard to remove stuff that apparently still
works for someone.

Some example of #1 that aren't in Debian yet are glom (hosted on GNOME
infrastructure but otherwise not really considered part of GNOME) and
lollypop (hosted on GitHub).

GNOME Shell extensions could be maintained with the same team as GTK+
themes although they are only usable in one desktop but the themes are

> Well, it's not official yet of course but salsa.debian.org is running
> GitLab and it seems like the likely Alioth replacement. I think it would
> be less disruptive to use a project on gitlab.org and get used to its
> tools, which should make it easier to move the project onto Debian
> infrastructure than from Launchpad.net. Although, Launchpad.net would be
> preferable to Github, at least Launchpad.net is now free software.

I was expecting to probably just use collab-maint git for now. The
packaging hosting wasn't as big of a concern to me as the Maintainer
field for a new packaging team (which is being discussed in multiple
threads on debian-devel now).

Jeremy Bicha