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Re: Alioth: the future of mailing lists

On 2017-09-17 Alexander Wirt <formorer@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>   - Distribution lists for use in the Maintainer: field.  We suggest
>     that, with maybe some extra code, this use-case could be well served
>     by the tracker.debian.org service for almost all purposes.  For
>     larger teams, such as the Debian Perl Group, a list on lists.debian.org
>     might be another option.
> Proposed Timeline:
>  * 2018-02-01: mailing lists on Alioth are disabled; incoming mail is
>    no longer accepted.


thanks for the heads-up.

The maintainer e-mail address is listed not only on packages.debian.org
but also on "dpkg -s ..." et. al. Users send support e-mail there. Imho
either the mailing lists need to run a lot longer (possibly until
stretch EOL) or (prefered) the old list-address should redirect to the
new one.

>  * May 2018 (with the wheezy EOL): alioth is shut down; mailing list
>    archives are unavailable.  (A static export/dump will be provided
>    in some convenient location.)

Would it be possible to keep the list-archives online, indexed by
search-engines? These are static pages, aren't they? There is some
interesting information there and removal from the web makes it hard
to find.

cu Andreas

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