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Re: pasting license text into debian/copyright

Hi Thorsten,

Quoting Thorsten Alteholz (2017-09-16 18:10:16)
> manually working on debian/copyright can be nasty from time to time.
> Would extending a service like:
>   curl http://licapi.debian.net/template
>   curl http://licapi.debian.net/template/lgpl3
> with all those licenses not in /usr/share/common-licenses be of any help?

Not quite sure what you suggest.

It looks like you suggest to duplicate the work of SPDX - see e.g. 

I believe that in the long term such duplication of work is not helpful, 
and instead we should support SPDX in being the curators of a single 
canonical repository of common Free licensing patterns in active use.

That said, I do believe that short-term some degree of competition does 
help - when coordinated with SPDX.  Anyone interested in that please 
join the licenses-discuss mailinglist: 

 - Jonas

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