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Re: Why small "Uncompressed Size: 2,048" for ssmtp

Osamu Aoki writes ("Why small "Uncompressed Size: 2,048" for ssmtp"):
> I am wondering what makes aptitude screen to print:
>   Compressed Size: 54.2 k
>   Uncompressed Size: 2,048
>   Source Package: ssmtp
> for ssmtp package.
> Uncompressed size is usually bigger than compressed Size.
> Am I missing something.
>  Source: ssmtp (2.64-8)
>  Version: 2.64-8+b2
>  Architecture: amd64
>  Maintainer: Anibal Monsalve Salazar <anibal@xxxxxxxxxx>
>  Installed-Size: 2
> This 2 is in KB.  iConsistent with aptitude but why so small???

This is clearly due to some kind of bug.  The actual installed size is
much bigger.  The "Installed-Size" field is wrong.

I suggest you:

1. Check the bugs against dpkg-dev
2. Try rebuilding it from source and see if that reproduces the bug
3. If so, file a bug against the dpkg-dev package

If rebuilding it produces a correct package with a plausible
Installed-Size, then we need to investigate how the anomalous binary
was generated.

The i386 package has the same problem so perhaps we could find a
.buildinfo to say what the build environment was.

When we know the cause we'll probably want to schedule rebuilds of
affected packages.