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suil - current packaging query

Hi all,

I looked at installing audacity on stretch and found it wanted to install QT
deps as well as GTK deps. Not experiencing this in the past, I said 'n' to apt
and had a delve into why this was happening.

I found audacity now uses suil.

Package page:


As you can see by the deps on the page above - GTK and QT.

I looked upstream and found their packaging doc.


The bottom section of the doc:


The purpose of Suil is to abstract plugin UI toolkits away from host code.  To
achieve this, Suil performs its magic by dynamically loading modules for each
toolkit.  The main Suil library does NOT depend on any toolkit libraries, and
thus neither should your package.  Please package the individual modules
(e.g. libsuil_gtk2_in_qt4.so) as separate packages, which themselves depend on
the involved toolkits.  These packages should also be versioned as described
above to support parallel installation.

Please do not make the main Suil package depend on any toolkit package, this
defeats the purpose of Suil and will severely irritate those who for whatever
reason do not want a particular toolkit dependency.  The main Suil package may
have a weak dependency (e.g. "recommends") on the individual wrapper modules,
and it's fine if these are installed by default, but it must be possible to
install Suil without installing them if the user explicitly wishes to do so.

// End

Is it just me or should this package be broken down into a core and subset
module packages?

Any thoughts and how suil should be better packaged welcome.

Bug report?



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