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maim maintainer (Patrick O'Doherty) whereabouts?


(In CC, the sponsor of the first maim upload.)

I'm looking for the maintainer of the maim package, Patrick O'Doherty. I
have done two NMUs on the package in the last month or so, and I haven't
had a reply from him to any of my emails. I suspect we may have a
miscommunication problem.

The problem right now is that maim and slop are maintainer by the same
upstream, and he has this nasty tendency of breaking ABI at every other
release of slop, which breaks maim completely. To fix this, I'd be
interested in either delegating the slop maintainership, co-maintaining
both packages, or adopting maim.

I'll otherwise continue to upload NMUs to fix those problems as they
come, but I must say it's a rather inconvenient delay to deal with (and
Patrick is not in the LowNMU list).

Thanks for any advice!


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