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Re: make dpkg-buildpackage default locale UTF-8

>>>>> Tollef Fog Heen <tfheen@xxxxxx> writes:
>>>>> Ivan Shmakov
>>>>> Hans-Christoph Steiner <hans@xxxxxxx> writes:

 >>> Package: dpkg-dev

 >>> More and more packages are adding unicode files

 >> I assume you mean “UTF-8 filenames” here (per below), right?

 >>> as unicode support has become more reliable and available.

 >> What are the use cases for such filenames?

 > Accurate representation of what they contain.  wnorwegian contains a
 > file «bokmål» which is the word list for the form of Norwegian known
 > as bokmål.  There's a convenience link between it and bokmaal so that
 > people without Norwegian keyboard (or without compose keys) can type
 > it too, but the canonical name is bokmål, not bokmaal.

	It does indeed seem natural, when it comes to packages providing
	support for a specific language, to use filenames in that same
	language; I’m not going to strongly object to that.  However,
	I’d like to note that other wordlist packages appear to stick to
	English (and ASCII) filenames.  For instance, wfrench uses
	‘french’ (instead of français) and witalian uses ‘italian’
	(instead of italiano.)

	At the same time, were these files intended for mainly ‘machine’
	use, I guess I’d rather prefer them to stick to ISO 639 instead.
	Just like the ‘locale’ system already does.

	I’m still curious, are there any other uses in the archive
	beside the above?

 > (I see there's a small bug where the symlink is the wrong way around,
 > I'll get that fixed.)

 > å is in latin1, though so fonts should not be a problem in your
 > particular case.


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