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Bug#873983: ITP: nanook -- pre- and post-alignment analysis of nanopore sequencing data

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Andreas Tille <tille@xxxxxxxxxx>

* Package name    : nanook
  Version         : 1.26+dfsg-1
  Upstream Author : Richard M. Leggett <richard.leggett@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
* URL             : https://documentation.tgac.ac.uk/display/NANOOK/NanoOK
* License         : GPL
  Programming Lang: Java
  Description     : pre- and post-alignment analysis of nanopore sequencing data
 NanoOK is a flexible, multi-reference software for pre- and post-
 alignment analysis of nanopore sequencing data, quality and error
 NanoOK (pronounced na-nook) is a tool for extraction, alignment and
 analysis of Nanopore reads. NanoOK will extract reads as FASTA or FASTQ
 files, align them (with a choice of alignment tools), then generate a
 comprehensive multi-page PDF report containing yield, accuracy and
 quality analysis. Along the way, it generates plain text files which can
 be used for further analysis, as well as graphs suitable for inclusion
 in presentations and papers.

Remark: This package will be maintained by the Debian Med team at