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Re: make dpkg-buildpackage default locale UTF-8

>>>>> Hans-Christoph Steiner <hans@xxxxxxx> writes:

 > Package: dpkg-dev

 > More and more packages are adding unicode files

	I assume you mean “UTF-8 filenames” here (per below), right?

 > as unicode support has become more reliable and available.

	What are the use cases for such filenames?

	FWIW, I more than just occasionally use Debian in environments
	with fonts lacking good (as in: ≥ 90%) Unicode, or even BMP,
	coverage.  (Specifically, I’m for the most part interested in
	Latin-1, -3, and Cyrillic characters only.)

	Do you suggest that there’re filenames in Debian packages that
	cannot be rendered in such environments?  If so, that’d
	certainly be a nuisance for me.

 > The package building process is not guaranteed to happen in a unicode
 > locale since the Debian default locale is LC_ALL=C, which is ASCII
 > not UTF-8.  Reading UTF-8 filenames when the system is using ASCII
 > causes errors (Python makes them very visible, for example).


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