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Re: Call for volunteers: FTP Team

On 18.08.17 09:33, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> On 14768 March 1977, Philip Hands wrote:
>>> ...Well, in keeping with the Toy Story theme, FTW Masters is
>>> worshipped by the Squeezes (packages alien to the archive) and at the
>>> time of a "Win" a package new to the archive is selected as for the
>>> "World".  Finally, New Maintainers tremble with trepidation at the
>>> power of The Claw, as it is known internally.
>> I like "The Claw" -- responsible for picking up NEW packages, and giving
>> them to the kids, or dropping them.
> Don't you all have something more important to do?
Something more important than to point out that besides deciding on
a new name we may also waste more time on deciding how it shall be

In analogy to once upon a time "netscape" being pronounced "mozilla"
we could leave the name "ftp-team" and pronounce it "pinocchio".

No, I am not serious. Thank you for all your good work!