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Re: [Pkg-mozext-maintainers] Packaging WebExtensions compatible with multiple browsers

Yao Wei:
> Hi,
> There are some problems for us to package Debian packages for
> WebExtensions that can support Firefox and Chromium using the same
> codebase.  I do come up with my idea, but I still need a conclusion to
> prepare a package:
> 1. Should we use different prefix for the WebExtensions packages that
> support different browsers?
> I think webext- prefix can be good for this kind of packages.
> 2. Should we split the package for different browsers?
> There's current efforts packaging ublock-origin for both chromium and
> xul-ext.  However shifting to WebExtensions implies that the codebase
> will be the same.  To save disk space and lower the security risk not to
> split the main package could be good.  Some of the browser-dependent
> files can be splitted to their dedicated packages.
> Inputs are welcome!

Hi Yao Wei, thanks for taking this forward! I have not been following the discussions very closely but this all seems sensible to me.


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