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Packaging WebExtensions compatible with multiple browsers


There are some problems for us to package Debian packages for
WebExtensions that can support Firefox and Chromium using the same
codebase.  I do come up with my idea, but I still need a conclusion to
prepare a package:

1. Should we use different prefix for the WebExtensions packages that
support different browsers?

I think webext- prefix can be good for this kind of packages.

2. Should we split the package for different browsers?

There's current efforts packaging ublock-origin for both chromium and
xul-ext.  However shifting to WebExtensions implies that the codebase
will be the same.  To save disk space and lower the security risk not to
split the main package could be good.  Some of the browser-dependent
files can be splitted to their dedicated packages.

Inputs are welcome!

Best regards,
Yao Wei

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