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Re: bind9 shipping outdated root hint file (etc.)

Robert Edmonds:
The only package in the archive that I know of that has a seriously deficient set of root hints is djbdns; it has 11/13 of the current set of IPv4 root server addresses, and 0/13 IPv6 root server addresses. (However, I don't believe the 'djbdns' binary package ships with the IPv6 patch applied.)

What you know is somewhat wrong.

dnscache does not use a "hints" mechanism. It uses a list of the actual servers. People patched this list *years ago*. P. J. Pandit, publisher of ndjbdns for Fedora, updated xyr published copy of the list in 2013. I had an updated list in the very first published version of djbwares.

* http://jdebp.eu./Softwares/djbwares/

I later fixed ip6.arpa and removed the egregiously outdated RBL list, too.

* https://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2017/03/msg01307.html

But that is as nothing. I *first* patched this list almost *a decade and a half ago*.

* http://jdebp.eu./FGA/djbdns-problems.html#wrong-icann-root

Debian's list in its djbdns package is actually a private Debian one that is substituted by Debian in place of the one from the djbdns itself, named debian/dnsroots.global . Debian needs to catch up.