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Re: fdisk becoming non-essential, dependencies needed.

Quoting Julian Andres Klode (2017-08-19 00:18:54)
> > > Currently (for Buster) the fdisk package is being made
> > > 'pseudo-essential' via a dependency from the Essential util-linux
> > > package, where the tools was split out from. (This is also to support
> > > upgrades from Stretch to Buster.)
> > > The plan is to drop this dependency (making fdisk no longer
> > > pseudo-essential) for Buster+1 (Bullseye). The Priority field will
> > > likely be set to important so fdisk utilities will still be part of any
> > > normal installation, but will then be deinstallable.
> > 
> > Why not setting in recommand ? It will be installed by default but
> > could be deinstalled
> I guess because debootstrap does not install Recommends?

Every package which requires fdisk would still need to be adjusted to add a
Depends relationship exactly for the reason you cited: if fdisk becomes a
Recommends then it can be de-installed, thus breaking packages that require it.
Thus, making it a Recommends would not change the fact that now some packages
have to be adjusted.

cheers, josch

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