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Re: apt-get dist-upgrade uninstalled most of KDE

On 17/08/17 10:08, nobrin@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Using snapshot repositories and "apt-get install packagename=version"
sounds like a*great*  strategy to implement a quick-and-dirty rollback
function for apt-get. Do you think it would suffice to analyze
history.log and run "apt-get install" with
- "package-" for all packages installed by the last update and
- add "package=version" for all updated and removed packages?
The snapshot it would use is the one of the previous upgrade.

"apt-get install package=version" should remove any packages that conflict with the installation, so you should not have to manually remove anything. The only other thing I did after the downgrade was to "apt-mark hold" the packages affected by the transition that I did not want to remove; this is my preferred tactic for surviving transitions.

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