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Re: apt-get dist-upgrade uninstalled most of KDE

Hello Marco.

Please use a mailinglist for user support. This mailing list is for 
development topics.

For Plasma/KDE related questions I suggest debian-kde mailinglist. Cc´d. 
Please drop Cc to debian-devel on your answer.

nobrin@xxxxxxxxx - 16.08.17, 12:56:
> I just upgraded my system (Debian sid with main, contrib, non-free) to
> the most recent unstable version, running "apt-get update" and
> "apt-get dist-upgrade".
> Unfortunately, this uninstalled most of KDE, including

If you run Debian GNU/Sid, you always, always, read again *always* have to 
carefully check what packages apt dist-upgrade would uninstall, before 
confirming the action. If you are not willing to do this, I suggest you use 
Debian Stable.

Debian Qt/KDE team works an upgrade from Qt 5.7.1 to Qt 5.9.1 and its not yet 
complete. Trying to force a partial upgrade with apt dist-upgrade will 
uninstall Plasma desktop currently. I actually warned about this on debian-kde 
mailinglist this morning. You may like to choose Debian GNU/Buster/Testing 
instead of Sid in order to have *some* protection, as I read about a 
transition on #debian-qt-kde IRC channel and it might very well related to the 
Qt upgrade. I didn´t check this tough.

There is no automatic way to undo the action. I suggest you install again by 
using metapackages like

- plasma-desktop
- kde-standard
- kde-full

depending on the amount of packages you want to have installed.

And then add any additional packages you want to have again.