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Re: Bug#856139: certspotter: long description advertises *unused* commercial service

Am Donnerstag, den 10.08.2017, 12:45 +0200 schrieb Philipp Kern:
> The only crucial sentence might be this one from §2.2.2 in the
> policy:
> "The contrib archive area contains supplemental packages intended to
> work with the Debian distribution, but which require software outside
> of
> the distribution to either build or function."
> The policy isn't something we voted upon. Do people really understand
> that this means tools calling an API on the Internet would need to be
> in
> contrib? I don't think I agree with this non-free'ization of Debian.
> Stuff like licq never belonged into contrib either, despite its main
> purpose back then being to connect to the ICQ (and MSN?) services.

> Someone wrote a Free client implementation, hence we should offer it
> to
> our users. 

Maybe another data point from the game-team which I think is relevant:
When a game-engine is free, but requires to have non-free data to be
usable, it has to go into contrib. If there is free data available,
even it is only a (engine) demo, it can go to main. [1]

> I could pull other strawmans like "what about tools that
> connect to the telephone network, which is non-free?". Where would we
> even draw that line?


[1] https://wiki.debian.org/Games/Policy#guidelines_for_packaging_game_

> Kind regards
> Philipp Kern