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Embedded library copies - mergerfs

mergerfs is a fuse based file system, similar in functionality to aufs
and overlayfs.

Since version 2.22.0, mergerfs is embedding the libfuse2 library in its
source repo. Details can be seen in this bug report upstream at Github:

So far upstream has stated that libfuse2 has many bugs, that has caused
for the carrying of the library within.

To quote upstream:
It embeds libfuse because:

I support many old platforms which use old and buggy versions of
libfuse. Embedding it keeps many of my users who don't know and don't
care to know how to update their systems from having to learn to build
libfuse themselves.
libfuse is lacking in certain features I want. Given libfuse v2 is no
longer maintained and libfuse3 either didn't or doesn't have the
features either and mergerfs hasn't been ported to v3... embedding it
was easier than forking it and expecting people to install my version.

So far, in Debian, I've pushed version 2.21.0. The last version without
the embedded library.

Any advise on what should be our take further ?

Given the large number of mailing lists I follow, I request you to CC
me in replies for quicker response

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