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Re: Bug#798476: Returning to the requirement that Uploaders: contain humans

Clint Adams <clint@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> On Thu, Aug 03, 2017 at 06:25:46PM -0400, gregor herrmann wrote:

>> What I don't understand in the point of view of the "keep Uploaders"
>> proponents: What does this information, whether correct or not,
>> actually give others? Are they going to email or phone these persons
>> privately when emails to the BTS or the maintainer/team list are
>> ignored? And what happens if they ignore these communications as well?

> I agree.  This information is useless, and even if it's not, the source
> package is entirely the wrong place for it.  Let's get rid of the
> Uploaders field entirely.

I think we'd need to allow Maintainer to contain multiple people if we did
that, since there are packages that are really maintained by two or three
specific people who do not have a separate team contact address.

(I agree it's rare and usually there's a single maintainer who is whoever
was last added to Uploaders and everyone else is inactive.  But real
maintenance by a couple of people who haven't created a team mailing list
does happen!)

Or, I suppose, provide some super-easy way to create small mailing lists.

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