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Re: Bug#798476: Returning to the requirement that Uploaders: contain humans

On Wed, Aug 02, 2017 at 05:48:15PM -0400, Sean Whitton wrote:
> I've also included a purely informative change which emphasises that
> packages that are team maintained in name only should be orphaned
> properly, with their maintainer field set to the QA team.  This is
> already current best practice, but it's worth emphasising, because one
> might fail to orphan a package on the grounds that "someone else on the
> team might fix it", which is not true of a lot of teams.
> @@ -1149,6 +1142,12 @@
>            </para>
>          </footnote>
>        </para>
> +      <para>
> +        This includes packages with a group of people or team in the
> +        <literal>Maintainer</literal> control field.  They should be
> +        orphaned if the team is not actively maintaining the package.
> +      </para>
> +
>      </section>
>      <section id="s-descriptions">

Please be more thoughtful about the consequences of such changes to policy.

This would not be "a purely informative change".

Your suggested wording has the potential to create a HUGE amount of tensions.

I could name a lot of team-maintained packages where a team member 
uploads a new upstream version every 1-2 years and noone ever bothers
to handle incoming bugs.[1]

If policy does not provide a definition of "actively maintaining",
it would be a reasonable interpretation to consider a package with
no upload or visible activity in new open bugs during the past
6 or 12 months as not actively maintained.

If policy states that such packages "should be orphaned" without 
describing a proper process, it is a valid reading that everyone can do 
this without trying to contact the team prior to orphaning the package.

And it does not even help with the problem Tobias raised:

When a maintainer retires or is declared MIA by the MIA team according 
to the MIA process, how can you *find* all teams and team-maintained 
packages where this maintainer was the only or last active team member
when there is no Uploaders: field?

This information could be moved from the Uploaders: field to
a database, but then this database has to exist and maintaining
the information there has to be mandatory when no Uploaders: field
is present.

Another option would be to keep the Uploaders: requirement,
but make it more clear that autogenerating is permitted.

The GNOME team already generates Uploaders: as the intersection
of current team members and people who did the latest 10 uploads
of a package.


[1] a few people are IMHO just bad maintainers, but in the common
    case there is simply too much work for too few people in a
    volunteer project and new team members are always welcome


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