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Re: User-installable Debian packages?

Hi Simon,

Simon McVittie <smcv@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Flatpak's approach to this is to use bind-mounts (in a new mount
> namespace set up by bubblewrap) so that the "app" (the leaf package,
> together with any libraries that are bundled with it) always appears
> to be installed in --prefix=/app, which can safely be hard-coded into
> binaries that are built as Flatpak apps.

I can see the use cases for desktop, but this is the restriction of
Flatpak for shared HPC servers: not all administrators are willing to
grant the users the seccomp and permission for creating new namespaces,
and not all administrators will upgrade or recompile kernels to support
namespaces.  If /app is not available, it is difficult for a user to
override the hardcoded /app of Flatpak into /home/user/app.

In principle, we can create an _appdebian_ by hardcoding /app to every
debian package, not unlike hardcoded /system in Android systems.