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Re: Running tests with xvfb

On Fri, Jul 28, 2017 at 10:46:57PM +0200, Jeff wrote:
> I have a package whose tests crash X on my machine, which uses nouveau.
> This makes testing rather inconvenient.
> Running the tests in a chroot with xvfb works, but takes an age (i.e. a
> couple of minutes) to set up the chroot. This is also not conducive to
> rapid testing of small changes.
> Running the test outside the chroot with xvfb still crashes X, because
> xvfb seems to grab the "real" X if it is there.
> Is there a way of getting xvfb to ignore the system X?

Can you use an xorg.conf with the "dummy" driver instead of xvfb?
I use a "with-dummy-xserver" wrapper script for situations like that.

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