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Re: New package split of util-linux

On Wed, Jul 26, 2017 at 10:18:46AM +0200, Andreas Henriksson wrote:
> I'm looking for help with ideas about a new package split for the
> util-linux suite.
> Currently the main binary packages are:
> util-linux
> mount
> bsdutils
> (Then there are a bunch of other less important binary packages also
> built.)
> All of the three above packages have the Essential: yes control field
> set.  This basically means when ever upstream writes a new tool and we
> decide to ship it, it instantly becomes part of the essential set.
> I also don't see any real reason for the mount package to be separate
> from the util-linux package.

But why should mount be Essential?  It's useless in containers and chroots.
> In short, I'm considering a new package split to be needed.
> If people have ideas or suggestions about this package split I'm
> interested to hear them.

What about making the split at different levels of essentialness?  With the
new Important: yes (not be confused with priority: important), this makes
three levels, and thus three packages:
* stuff that's needed on every Debian system
* stuff needed on every bare-metal box / "real" VM
* things you can go without

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