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Re: Debian built from non-Debian sources

Jonas wrote:
>Quoting Steve McIntyre (2017-07-17 02:00:25)
>> But a *lot* of the infrastructure we use to run Debian is not exactly 
>> what's been packaged, as already mentioned. Look at dak. debian-cd, 
>> live-wrapper et al *are* packaged, but we're not *necessarily* using 
>> the exact code that's in the stable archive at any point. We're 
>> typically using code from git on the build machines, to allow for more 
>> flexibility in terms of changes to build scripts as problems arise. We 
>> release things to the archive periodically as a convenience to users, 
>> but serious use often necessitates using git too. This isn't going to 
>> change any time soon.
>Sure it would be ideal to keep track of *everything* we do, including 
>how we run services.  But as mentioned above I distinguish between 
>services and things directly affecting our product.  Would you agree 
>that at first limiting the task to covering only the tools directly 
>affecting our product (e.g. debian-cd, liver-wrapper, libisofs) is more 
>realistic than tracking also e.g. dak and Alioth?
>For starters, I believe they all exist as packages in Debian, it is 
>"only" a matter of releasing into Debian the specific version used in 
>...but since they seemingly are excempt from Debian Policy exactly 
>because the code used is not packaged code, we cannot track this issue 
>in the same way we track issues with packages.  We can "ask on the 

I've corrected several of your incorrect assertions already. I'm bored
of this.

Making images often requires tweaks to the build script at/near
release time. The archive continues to be a moving target until very
close to that time. More than once we've fixed things or added
workarounds in the image generation scripts *on release day*. I'm not
going to remove the ability to do that and make working images to
pander to your ideals here.

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