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Re: Debian built from non-Debian sources

Steve McIntyre <steve@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> Jonas wrote:

>> It was just an example, however, and my real question was generally
>> what governs code we distribute outside packages - i.e. our install
>> images, if Debian Policy covers only packages.

> Go argue with the Policy folks, I guess.

Speaking as one of the Policy folks....

> But a *lot* of the infrastructure we use to run Debian is not exactly
> what's been packaged, as already mentioned. Look at dak. debian-cd,
> live-wrapper et al *are* packaged, but we're not *necessarily* using
> the exact code that's in the stable archive at any point.

...this has been the position of the project for as long as I've been part
of it, and it's not the place of Policy to change that position, only to
reflect project consensus.

I think it would be interesting to strive for making available all Debian
infrastructure in our archives (although I think you may find that you'll
need a separate archive that doesn't correspond to stable or unstable,
based on having done similar things in the past), but it would be
premature to put a requirement into Policy until we actually *did* decide
to do that.  Which would affect a ton of different teams, and would be
quite a bit of work.

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