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Re: Inclusion of best practices for packaging database applications in Debian policy

Hi all,

On 06/25/17 16:05, Paul Gevers wrote:
> This e-mail is meant for maintainers of applications that use databases
> and for those of you that are interested in how packages should handle
> those.
> In bug 845255¹ I started the discussion for inclusion of the "best
> practices for packaging database applications" in the Debian policy.
> These practices were written down by Sean Finney more than 12 years ago
> after discussion that started on this list (see links in the
> documentation). These best practices have always been part of the
> dbconfig-common package and are available on debian.org/doc² for a year
> now. After consulting the audience of my talk at Debconf, I think these
> practices (or an altered form if required after discussion) should be
> part of the Debian policy. In the bug it is said I should ask for
> seconds of this proposal from database application maintainers, which I
> am hereby seeking.

Shameful ping. Is there really nobody interested in documenting this in
policy? That would also be valuable input to the bug report, so don't be
shy to state that.


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