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Re: IMPORTANT: Do live Debian images have a future?

Russell Stuart wrote:
>On Wed, 2017-07-12 at 21:00 +0530, shirish शिर�ष wrote:
>> In short, this alone use-case answers Steve's original question which
>> was primarily are there any users who use or would use this tool or
>> his time would be better spent somewhere else. I think just the above
>> use-case and number of users answers the need for a tool like
>> live-wrapper. As has been pointed out by me and others, it just needs
>> more testing (documentation and love by devs.) to drive more usage
>> forwards.
>I do a similar thing, although not on quite that scale.
>However I thought Steve's question was about maintaining particular
>live images, not live-wrapper itself. I too would be very disappointed
>to see live-wrapper go.

Definitely, yes.

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