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Re: IMPORTANT: Do live Debian images have a future?

El 26/06/17 a las 11:08, Steve McIntyre escribió:
> [ Note the cross-posting... ]
> Hey folks,

Our Use-case:

We develop a derivated distro from Debian called Huayra GNU/Linux, this
is for educational program of government in Argentina. This big program
ship around 5 millons of netbooks to highschool students.

We start using live-builder to customize a live-cd that can be
installable (via live plugin of debian installer due that our distro
have many packages. Chroot install's save us time instead of package by

And found on this tool the solution to make our work (customs packages
list, customize the chroot and binary parts <- this great, the
installer/preseed, isolinux screens, use of our repository and keys
..etc etc etc)
Just this work. Uefi support was bad but workarounds save us.

When live-wrapper annuonce that will be the official tool, we try to
replicate the actual work using the new tool with no great success. Part
of lack of knowledge and not mature status of live-wrapper.

I think that many live-builder users went through the same thing.

I'm not want to re-begin the "tool war" again please!, I can use anyone,
but i need that functionality that means, maybe with better
docummentation for live-wrapper may help.

Debian is great. I hope that these tools gets better every day.
We are grateful for use it.


Fernando Toledo
Dock Sud BBS