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Re: P.S. Re: Debian 9 in a VM with Proxmox 5 system

 ❦ 10 juillet 2017 14:36 -0400, Marvin Renich <mrvn@xxxxxxxxxx> :

> The only benefit I have seen between the new scheme and the previous
> one is that there is no state file.  While getting rid of the state
> file is a nice goal, it is extremely minor compared to having short,
> simple names in common use cases like inserting a wifi usb dongle.

Knowing the device name of a wifi dongle seems a pretty niche case. Most
users will just use network manager to select the appropriate SSID and
forget about it.

> With the new scheme, if I want to rename the interface to something more
> meaningful, I have to go find an older machine that already has a
> persistent-net.rules file or read through a lot of documentation to
> figure out the correct syntax.  I then have to determine the correct
> ATTR elements to identify the interface in question, and type all of
> that information by hand, hoping I type everything correctly.

Have a look at systemd.link(5) which enables you to do that without
debugging udev.

> There is an easy fix to revert the default behavior while still allowing
> knowledgeable sysadmins to get the new behavior.  On the other hand,
> those who need to administer systems but are not sysadmins by trade (and
> thus will have to do significantly more research to even know that the
> older behavior is possible) are the ones who need the older behavior as
> the default.

Having a default behavior that's unreliable doesn't seem great
either. The change is surprising (and not expected on non-new systems),
but there is nothing difficult in identifying the right interface with
the new naming scheme. Other major distributions are using this new
scheme (notably Ubuntu which has no reason to have users smarter than
ours) and I don't see a lot of drama on their side. It seems that for
some reason, we are the only ones making a fuss about any change.
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