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Re: P.S. Re: Debian 9 in a VM with Proxmox 5 system

Hi Nicholas!

Thanks for this information, I will change my configuration to the new one.


10. July 2017 at 1:49 AM
P.S. That cheat sheet isn't nearly as nice...as I'd like it to be I
wish it was a compact printable two or three column reference with
net-tools commands in bold and the short-form iw equivalent

eg: 'ip -r r' is more or less equivalent to 'route'
10. July 2017 at 1:07 AM

today I installed a Proxmox 5 system on a dedicated server. Then I want to create a VM using the netinst Debian 9 stretch image. After a successful installation without network access I want to add a network, but when I type route in the commend line debian say that this command is not found, but when I used Debian 8.8 jessie with the netinst-img without network access this commend worked. WHY??????????????????

On top of this when I want to add my network to the Debian 9 VM this failed because of the route commend is not found and with the Debian 8.8 VM this is working. WHY??????????????????

Best wishes,
Maximilian Althaus