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Re: Debian 9 in a VM with Proxmox 5 system

Hi Maximilian!

On Mon, Jul 10, 2017 at 01:07:47AM +0200, Maximilian Althaus wrote:
> but when I type
> route in the commend line debian say that this command is not found, but
> when I used Debian 8.8 jessie with the netinst-img without network access
> this commend worked. WHY??????????????????
> On top of this when I want to add my network to the Debian 9 VM this failed
> because of the route commend is not found and with the Debian 8.8 VM this is
> working. WHY??????????????????

"Moving on from net-tools"

I think the article links to this year's debian-devel discussion, but
the article is worth reading because it has a cheat sheet.  I'm also
someone who prefers the old tools, and I wish that Stretch provided a
wrapper around the new tools for backwards compatibility.


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