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Re: Please add lzip support in the repository

Hi Thomas,

Thomas wrote:

> I don't get it; what exactly is the problem when upstream distributes their
> source in multiple formats, including .xz and .lz, among others?

Please check again point 1 and 2. See below:

1- Somebody from Debian says: "if a lot of upstream tarballs start to be
natively avaiable in .gz and .lzip format (no .xz), *then* it becomes interesting
to at least support lzip for source packages"

2- An upstream decides to switch its tarballs from xz to lzip

3- Somebody else, also from Debian, asks the upstream above to bring back
the xz tarball

4- As a result, lzip is almost never used alone (without xz), and Debian can
justify forever the lack of lzip support

You need to consider all four points to understand the issue.

Maria Bisen