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Bug#866866: ITP: l10n-tw-logo -- This is a logo of the Taiwan Localization Community(臺灣在地化社群)

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: "林博仁" <Buo.Ren.Lin@xxxxxxxxx>

* Package name    : l10n-tw-logo
  Version         : 2.7.0
  Upstream Author : V字龍 <Vdragon.Taiwan@xxxxxxxxx>
* URL             : http://l10n.tw/l10n-tw-logo/
* License         : CC BY-SA 3.0+
  Programming Lang: N/A, source is SVG, build script is Bashism
  Description     : Official logo of the Taiwan Localization

 - why is this package useful/relevant?

   This package is trying to make l10n-tw-logo as installed icons/clipart that
can be applied to l10n-tw related folders or documents.

   There is future plans to making desktop backgrounds derived from the icons,
but it is not implemented yet.

   This package is selected due to to it's simplicity(the only programming
language used is Bash scripts) for learning Debian packaging, there may be less
use for it to be really included in Debian, though.

 - is it a dependency for another package?


 - do you use it?


 - if there are other packages providing similar functionality, how does it


 - how do you plan to maintain it?

   As I AM the upstream the packaging wil be mainained in the upstream