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Replacing apt's http method (dropping curl)

Hi everyone,

as we discussed before in IRC, we plan to eventually replace
our existing curl-based https method with our http method,
by adding TLS support to it. This will move HTTPS support
into apt proper, removing the apt-transport-https package.

I'm not sure how long this will take, I hope we get something
useful next month.

* The https method is split out of apt because curl has a lot
  of dependencies (29 vs 7 on my test setup, 15.9 vs 4 MB of
  disk space)
* We want https to be a default these days, even if it provides
  only minor security improvements.
* Our http method is actually tested a lot because it is the
  default and supports advanced features, the https method just
  does curl easy stuff sequentially.

Transition plan
I plan to do this in two stages, both of which I expect to
happen in unstable if all features have been implemented
quickly. There might be feature-incomplete alphas in

In the first stage, the "https" method is renamed to
"https+curl", and a https->http symlink is added in apt.

If no significant regressions are reported (we might drop
some options or increase some checks), and the package has
been in testing for some time, the apt-transport-https
package is removed.

This ensures that (a) we get proper testing and (b) users
have a workaround if something fails in that testing period.

I so far implemented basic https support using GnuTLS, including
SNI and certificate validation, and one (!) local CA file (as our
tests need that). The code is incredibly hacky right now. And
https->http redirects don't work yet.

Alternatives would be to use libnss or openssl. In the latter
case, we'd have to build a separate helper binary that does not
link to the GPLed code, and just unwraps a TLS connection into
a pipe (similar to stunnel) - we could also use a helper generally,
it would allow us to run the TLS stack as nobody (!!!) [OK,
we have to open the socket in the parent process and pass it
down to the TLS stack, so _apt opens the connection for firewalls].

The existing shitty proof of concept is available on GitHub:


But as I said it's ugly. It also does not yet link the http
binary to the https binary.

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