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Re: -all driver packages

Le lundi, 12 juin 2017, 23.26:01 h CEST Rebecca N. Palmer a écrit :
> However, those involve Depends relationships (where an -all package is 
> needed to allow the option of only installing one) and/or multiple 
> depending/recommending packages and a changing set of providers (making 
> it desirable to be able to make such changes in one central place). 
> Hence, I agree that it wouldn't be worth it for *-microcode.

The printer-driver-all package uses Recommends, but its source package also 
builds the printer-driver-all-enforce alternative package that has the same 
relations but as Depends. As britney only checks for Depends when verifying 
migration requirements, this setup makes sure that the printer-driver-all 
package only ever migrates if all its Recommends are satisfied. the -enforce 
alternative is not meant to be used by end-users.


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