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Re: Bug#863361: dgit-user(7): replace apt-get build-deps with mk-build-deps

On 30/05/17 18:32, Ian Jackson wrote:
> David Kalnischkies writes ("Re: Bug#863361: dgit-user(7): replace apt-get build-deps with mk-build-deps"):
>> I would recommend not to recommend it because apt follows the general
>> recommendation of not recommending the installation of recommendations
>> of build-dependencies by default for all recommended Debian releases.
> When you install the build-depends for unfamiliar programs, you are
> trying to debug, do you install recommends ?  I have found that it is
> usually wiser not to.
> Installing the recommends of build-depends typically shovels in
> massive piles of junk, which is (a) a big download (b) often contains
> daemons and other weirdness that is obviously not needed.

I think what David wanted to say is:

`apt-get install $foo' install recommends
`apt-get build-dep $foo' does not install recommends

Thus you don't need to pass --no-install-recommends when doing build-dep.