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Openvas too old - suggestion

Dear developers,

I see, that even in unstable openvas is still available in version 8. The 
actual version however is version 9. Of course I understand, that you have to 
check the stability and other things. 

But please allow me to suggest this:

In Kali-Linux there are already binary packages in version 9 available. As 
Kali-Linux is 95 percent based on debian, I think, it might be easy to build 
packages for debian. Maybe just the package name has to be changed. Just very 
few work. 

So, wouldn't it be easy, to use the kali sources to build version 9 packages 
for debian? I see no big difference between kali and debian except the name.

However, maybe I see things wrong, so I am interested, why this will not work, 
or why the developers do not want to do as I suggested. Technically and 
political statements are welcome. 

Thank you for reading this and thanks for your clemency.

Best regards

Hans-J. Ullrich