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Bug#863121: ITP: ayatana-ido -- Widgets and other objects used for Ayatana Indicators

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

* Package name    : ayatana-ido
  Version         : 0.4.0
  Upstream Author : Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
                    Canonical Ltd.
* URL             : https://github.com/ArcticaProject/aytana-ido
* License         : GPL, LGPL
  Programming Lang: C, C++
  Description     : Widgets and other objects used for Ayatana Indicators

 Shared library providing extra gtk menu items for display in system
 The ayatana-ido is a fork of https://launchpad.net/ido that has been
 stripped-off of all Ubuntu-specific elements. It builds against and runs
 on top of a vanilla GTK-3, no Ubuntu-specific patches in GTK-3 are
 The ayatana-ido widget library allows menubar providers like e.g.
 Arctica Greeter to render tray icons and their menus based on
 menu information provided over DBus for various indicator applets.