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Re: Bug#862954: ITP: mvdsv -- a modern QuakeWorld server

On Fri, 19 May 2017 at 11:50:51 +0200, Lee Garrett wrote:
> I will be maintaining it alone.
> I'm open to co-maintaining this package if any individual or team is interested.
> I will need a sponsor for this package.

Please consider joining the Games Team. We have Quake enthusiasts who
can probably help with this package and/or sponsor your uploads.
(We also maintain all the other Quake engines packaged so far.)
In particular, Michael Gilbert maintains ezquake in the Games Team.

I try not to maintain heavily multiplayer-focused games, so I'm unlikely
to want to co-maintain mvdsv myself; but I do co-maintain the more
single-player-focused Quake engines, the game-data-packager tool that
packages the required game data, the quake-server package that wraps
systemd units and sysvinit scripts around the various Quake engines,
and the Debian Quake mini-policy.

The debian-devel-games mailing list is an appropriate place for discussion
of these packages.