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Re: When do we update the homepage to a modern design? (was Re: Moving away from (unsupportable) FusionForge on Alioth)

On 16/05/2017 07:07, Mechtilde wrote:

> these two questions come into my mind: > > What does a "newcomer" expect from such a website? > what do we
expect from a newcomer? > .... > To go from user to dev is a gliding
way. > > "Want To Become Debian Developer" is the last step for a dev
not the > first one. IMO > > We should try to differ into the different
tasks for the user e.g: > > * Installation > * Configuration > *
Applications > * ... > * How can I help > * Structure of the Packages >
* Packaging > * ... > > +1

And there is a confusion over "dynamic web sites" (maybe problematic)
with "non-static content" (must have).

We should vividly demonstrate on our home page that we are just that -
alive and developing. If we could have users contribute success stories
like "I switched my Granny from Windows to Debian and she likes it" or
"We autoconfigure our HPC cluster in the cloud with Debian and Ansible,
saving us 30 grand this year" then we have enough to get people hooked
and invest to dig deeper into the site, I tend to think.

So, I see:
 * something along the lines of Mechthilde
 * dynamic user-provided feedback that we can annotate further with
references to HOWTOs etc for new users that want to share that
experience, i.e. a smaller Debian+Derivatives-centric stackoverflow kind
of thing that starts off with a success rather than with a problem