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Re: Bug#862698: ITP: minecraft -- blocks to build anything you can imagine

Simon McVittie <smcv@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> If this package downloads proprietary files automatically, here are some
> issues that should be considered:

> * minimizing amount of code run as root (downloading the Minecraft
>   launcher per-user is probably better - the launcher will download
>   Minecraft itself once per user anyway, so sharing files between users
>   to reduce disk space usage is not straightforward)
> * not executing code that was not obtained in a way that can be trusted:
>   downloading via https with correct certificate validation, or checking
>   the launcher against known-good cryptographic hashes like
>   game-data-packager does, or similar
> * not preventing offline apt updates in which packages are downloaded
>   while online, then installed at a later time without Internet access

> game-data-packager/doc/why.mdwn might be interesting reading.

Another thing that would be a really neat addition to a wrapper around
Minecraft would be to run it inside a restrictive namespace by default.
Minecraft has a pretty well-understood file access pattern, and there's
really no reason to allow it to read, say, your Firefox cookie database,
or something else that's in your home directory.  You could probably also
cut off quite a lot of syscalls with seccomp without changing the

I played around with configurations for a server and can confirm that the
following systemd jailing configuration works for the server, but I'm
quite sure that one could get more restrictive than this with some work
(for example, I didn't even start on syscall filtering).


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