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Re: Re: When do we update the homepage to a modern design? (was Re: Moving away from (unsupportable) FusionForge on Alioth)

> I'll take any day a sort animations that explains things rather then
> going through forest of information to figure out what is it, but I
> guess these all are personal opinions.

A tiny bit of animations should be enough for our homepage. The style
of lxde.org does not fit Debian's style and I think the style of the
old lxde homepage is a better fit at this point.

Too much animation and loud web page elements are too fancy but
actually somewhat annoying, and lack solemnity.

> >> I believe that what we are actually looking for is a bit of
> >> improvement in the marketing side.
> >> Modern and fancy things.
> >>
> >> The LXDE example is good on that.
> > http://lxde.org/ seems to be the site in question. I agree with
> Paul,
> > I don't like it, and when I encounter pages in that style, I tend
> to
> > close the window.
> Then lets forget about getting newcomers (fresh blood) to Debian as
> you're so close minded to modern/new things - the same way they
> probably
> close the window when they see '90 style with a lot of text that
> actually says nothing. We are strange with our talks last few
> debconfs -
> we want new people but we don't want to break our precious habits nor
> do
> we want to give freedom to others to express themselves if they don't
> fit into our circle of thinking which must be the best one.

LXDE is a desktop environment so it's fine to craft a fancy homepage
to attract people. However that style does not fit Debian.

Most of modern business websites are fancy. New bloods may like
However if we craft a fancy page alike, they will forget
it immediately
after closing the window. And many of you don't
like that to happen,
aren't you?

What exactly scares newbies away is the feeling of rigidness but
not the solemnity and simplicity. We value our common value,
we appreciate the hard work you've done via bugs.d.o and
ftp-master and many others alike, but what a newbie can see
about Debian is its face. I know that new users who value
only "pretty face" are less likely to catch the common value
of Debian, and people with love to this community can bear
any "ugly face" of it.  No one dislike a proper and better design.

IMHO there are two good examples, the Gentoo homepage and the kernel
homepage https://www.kernel.org/ .(Remember the old kernel page?)
These pages are pretty but not annoying. An ideal homepage for Debian
should be 1. solemn and silent (as few loud elements/animations
as possible) 2. informative (dense but not exhausting one's eyes)
3. well-designed (e.g. https://www.kernel.org/ is visually simple,
but not too simple. Visitors sense a well-designed style.)

On the other hand, I think the CD image link of Sid should be added
to the Debian image download page, maybe with some tags say
"for expert".