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Re: When do we update the homepage to a modern design? (was Re: Moving away from (unsupportable) FusionForge on Alioth)

On 05/15/2017 01:42 PM, Hans wrote:
> Hi there, 
> just a suggestion/idea. IMO it might be a good idea and advertisement to 
> debian, if people could see on the website, that debian is one of the most 
> used linuces in the world. It should also be strong pointed to, that debian is 
> the source of ubuntu. You may also point to, that debian is running (as my 
> actual knowledge) on most servers in the web.
> Maybe other things, that people do not know yet, which show the power of 
> debian, should be mentioned (I think of biggest community, best documentation, 
> best tested software and all the things, that make debian so famous).
> The website should proudly express all the goodness of debian, there are so 
> many, that the site is not showing at the moment. Make eyecatchers, that 
> people want to know more about it! It is it worth!
Actually I think this is a good idea - we should be proud that Debian is
used <here> and <there> and for sure would influence some fresh
contributions or interest in Debian.